Machine Falls

Got to go waterfall exploring with my good friends Thomas and Sara today. I took a road trip up I-24 W to Manchester, TN to meet up with them around 10CST. They were running late so I took off to the first waterfall destination (Ovoca Falls) to check it out. Well needless to say I should have researched better, because Ovoca Falls is on private land. I made it to the main gate and had to go back. Good thing I got there early so they didn’t have to drive through the small town and all the stop signs!

We decided to go to what was supposed to be our last falls first: Machine Falls in the Short Springs State Natural Area located in Coffee County, TN. The nice beautiful dark ominous clouds had started to dissipate, but we knew more were on the way. So we took our time and took a short leisurely walk to the falls. This falls is on a 1.5 loop with several other trail loops that connect to it. I see me exploring this area more in my future!

I got a chance to meet a nice local guy and his dog near the falls… I stink at names, so hopefully he will add me to FB. He seemed very familiar with the area and gave some great advice. I hope to be able to chat with him more in the future about more falls in the area! We make our way on to the falls to see it covered with people playing in the water. Unfortunately they have no desire to hurry and make room for photographers LOL. We wait around for a while for them to leave and for the sun to hide behind the now returned ominous clouds. We are finally rewarded with both. This is a photo from our short little adventure:

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