Perseids Meteor shower at Clingman’s Dome

Finally a successful meteor shower shoot! I have been out numerous times shooting these allusive things and not got a good shot yet! The big ones never seem to make into my camera view! Well last night that finally changed! I spent the weekend with my favorite family in the world (with exception of mine of course) in Pigeon Forge at their cabin. Angie, Alison, and myself took off around midnight to try to catch the shower. It was about an hour drive through some crazy winding roads, but was well worth the trip and the 32oz energy drink it took to keep me awake.

The area was quite a bit more crowded than I would have guessed. I am used to going to places closer to where I live and never see anyone out. It was a big shock to see that many people out enjoying the wonder and beauty around them… it was very nice to know people still can enjoy this beautiful world!

We were planning on hiking all the way to the overlook at the top of the mountain, but between the lack of clothes preparation for the cold, the lack of any of being in good shape, and the thought of it being crowded; we stopped about halfway up. We found this nice area that seemed like a good composition and started shooting away and hoped for the best. The sky stayed clear for a little bit before the clouds took over, but luckily long enough for this:

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  1. chris donahue January 22, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    Great photo man! This guy is jealous! I really like your website also! Very tidy and modern.

    • Sprinkle January 22, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

      Thanks Chris! I can’t wait till we can get out and shoot some together! I wanted a very simple website. Couldn’t get anyone to build me one, so I built it myself LOL

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