Stars at Chestnut Mountain Falls

Sorry for the delayed post on this.

My friend Lauren and I decided to go on a late night photo adventure. We met up at 1am in Cleveland and took off towards Polk County, TN. We arrived at the trailhead of Scenic Spur Trail at 2am and started our 1.7 mile hike (plus a very steep climb and some small boulder to climb over.) Our plan was to shoot some star trails with a waterfall as our foreground. Well right off the bat we were disappointed because the falls were nearly completely dry. But we setup for star trails anyway (after playing with some lasers first of course.) We made it about 20 minutes into our exposures when the clouds started rolling in… and rolling in they did! The weathermen were not even close on this one. We lost almost all of our stars.

We decided to put off the star trails for another night (unwillingly of course.) We figured it’s a good night to play. We attempted to shoot a time lapse sequence for video. This is something that Lauren and I both have been interested in for a while and wanted to see what we could do with it. Needless to say we have a long way to go!


Anyway, check out this short, but fun time lapse video I shot on 07/28/12 around 5am.



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